A writer friend, Karen Cherry, threw down a challenge to come up with a new word and perhaps write something about it.  Here's mine...

whoppadoozle: (noun) a mistake that you've made – a whopper, a doozie, a good one – that you've decided you can be forgiven for by virtue of the fact that you are an eccentric profoundly imperfect human being.

Keeping a pet rabbit loose in my apartment so that it ate my son's birth certificate was a whoppadoozle.

Here's my imaginary conversation about whoppadoozles...

Well, let me tell you about a whoppadoozle I pulled the other day.  I sprayed the entire bathroom shower with laundry spot remover.  I was overcome by fumes before I could figure out why it wasn't removing soap scum. What a whoppadoozle.

I've got a better one.  I stayed at a job that I hated for 23 years.  Whoppa-whoppadoozle.

Wait, wait.  I rented an apartment I couldn't afford.  Whoppadoozle.

That's nothing.  I bought a car I couldn't afford.  Woopee whoppadoozle.

I've got you all beat.  I bought a house I couldn't afford.  Long term whoppadoozle.

I left dirty dishes in the sink until a new form of penicillin was discovered.  Domestic whoppadoozle.

I let a flattening iron fall on my lap while I was curling my eyelashes and accidentally pulled all the lashes off of one eye.  Glamour whoppadoozle.

Stop.  Stop.  No one can beat this.  I walked down an entire city street in Kyoto with the back of my skirt tucked into the top of my pantyhose.  Whopp - a - doozle.

P.S.  It has come to my attention that some people missed the word "imaginary" in the lead in to this little conversation.  For the record, I didn't do any of these whoppadoozles except the very first one (accidentally spraying laundry spot remover all over the shower thinking that it was SC Johnson's scrubbing bubbles).  I haven't lived long enough to have wasted 23 years in the same job.  I never accidentally ripped my eyelashes out, found a new antibiotic or walked down a street in Japan with my bum hanging out.

I am a fiction writer.  If something says "imaginary", I made it up.  Could some things be based on experiences I've had?  Sure.  Case in point: the accidental scrubbing bubbles near asphyxiation.

I'll try to be clearer in future about whether I am telling a story or telling on myself.

With regard to the rabbit eating my son's birth certificate, you'll just have guess.

image credit: http://imgfave.com/collection/55067